The House and Amenities

A view of the sea is assured from all the living areas, with southern exposure and complete privacy.
Slightly elevated, the house was designed for the shape of the land it occupies, long and featuring windows along one entire side. Twenty-three generous metres of living space in the kitchen and salon offer southern exposure. Along with your view of the sea alongside, you’re also well placed out of view of the neighbours.

This house offers a perfect balance between nature and simplicity, opening its windows and doors to the exterior whenever you want to welcome the outdoors.
From the front balcony and garden, the sea view is exclusively yours… as is your access to the seashore, your sightlines of the ebb and tides of La Manche, and the countryside of Île Grande.

With 100 square meters of living space, not including terraced areas outside, the house can welcome five persons. It is composed of two bedrooms, each with a double bed, and one children’s room with one bed and a playing space.

You can enjoy cooking and entertaining in the open kitchen which forms part of the salon, taking advantage of the induction stove, electric oven, full-size refrigerater and freezer, as well as a dishwasher.
With two separate washrooms, the larger one contains a double sink and large shower area.

There is also a washing machine and space for laundry.

Within the house, the rooms all occupy the same level, without stairs, with a long corridor extending throughout. This modular space is adaptable to suit your needs. For example, the two large bedrooms and children’s room can be sectioned off to become separate living quarters. The bi-fold doors can easily change the usage of the space from multi-use to private use. The exterior deck extends the entire length of the house, allowing access to the outdoors from each bedroom.